Village Quad Bike Trails
Village Quad Bike Trails



Take a trip with Village Quad Bike Trails Company brings you to the authentic and unique beauty of Cambodia which is hidden and unexposed to the world. Freshness and greenery of remote and undisturbed countryside and small villages, freindly and smiley people with the sense of welcoming, schools, local orphanages, homes on stills, active Buddhist monasteries along the community, unbeatable sunset at paddy fields and centuries abandoned and untouched ancient temple of Tonle Bati and the Wildlife Sanctuary where homes are given to animals confiscated from illegal traffickers or saved from poachers of Phnom Tamao,where few travelers and adventures are dare. All of these magnets of Cambodian attractive places are not to be missed while visiting and exploring Countryside, Phnom Phen City. The Village Quad Bike Trails can make this happen! Drive yourself on our automatic Polaris 330cc quad bikes are well maintained and are a safe. It is a fun way to see the surrounding countryside. Join us and take a ride through the villages, rice paddies and temple of countryside and get a real insight into this beautiful country and its friendly people. Whether you want a relaxing with our  Sunset tour,or an Villages tour & killing fields or the Half-day tour, or the Happy-full-day tour with the family ride , we have a package to suit for everyone. So reserve yourself a place on one of our tours or contact us for more information now. The Village Quad Bike Trails established by a group of dedicated, experienced guides and maganics accompany of on the tour and inspired young Cambodian who are committed to providing you the best and unforgettable memories of Cambodia. With the Village Quad Bike Trails promise the real Cambodian hospitality, friendly, helpful, smiley, confident, reliable, and good-hearted.


Villages Tour & Killing Fields 40$

Sunset Tour & Killing Fields

Happy-Full-Day Tour