Village Quad Bike Trails
Village Quad Bike Trails

Home-Stay (One day and one night)

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Daily departures at 7:30am  to enjoy the new dawn and discover Cambodia and playground varied offering a multitude of opportunities, which combine pleasure of the eyes and pleasure of driving countryside around Phnom Penh! Seeing their life in their typical home and surrounded by jungle and so many wonderful sites as children swimming in the rivers, people fishing, baby water buffalo, lots of villages with people going about their daily business of countryside. This tour INCLUDES a local style lunch served by the Tonlé Bati Lakeside where we also explore a pair of Angkorian-Era temples at here too. After lunch the tour continues to the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Sanctuary where homes are given to animals confiscated from illegal traffickers or saved from poachers. With our tour will accommodation a night at villager home that rent from the villager and get dinner with village foods also. It's the amazing the day and wonderful the Night on this tour. At the end of the tour we will visit the Killing Fields.

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